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In a few hours, in a few days, in a few weeks, you'll find out what's behind Shabour. A different table, a table created as a journey, and since a journey is always well prepared, here are some guidelines to make yours as perfect as possible.


Please do not miss the "departure" at your precise reservation time and take in consideration the duration of 2:30 hours. Do not worry if that is too early for you we would be delighted to host you in our second service from 9.45pm.


Your journey will be only around our counter, therefore, please make sure the number of party reserved is respected as we will unfortunately won’t be able to accommodate any additional guests.


Our voyage is a unique chef’s tasting menu experience at the price of 136€.

In order to make it perfectly adapted to you, please don’t hesitate to informe us of any allergies, food restrictions or any other inquiries you might have.


In a few hours, a few days, a few weeks, we will be welcoming you at Shabour, our own bridge between Paris and Jerusalem, for an experience full of flavors, sounds and emotions. 

Let the journey begin!


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