Before the departure…


In Shabour, when we have something to share, we love to write it. As a letter to friends. Dear friends, in a few hours, in a few days, in a few weeks, you'll find out what's behind Shabour. A different table, a table that we wanted as a trip and since a trip is always a little bit prepared, here it is, some secrets to make yours as happy as possible.


Do not miss the departure at the agreed time for a duration of 2:30, no worries if that is too early for you a second service is scheduled from 10:30 p.m.


In Shabour we only travel to the counter, so be sure to respect the number of guests which is the same of your reservation. Without one less, we hope, but especially without one more because we we’ll be sorry if we’re unable to accommodate your entire table.


And if unfortunately you could not honor your reservation do not hesitate to notify us.


Finally, the voyage is enjoyed in a unique menu for a price of 96€. Also, do not hesitate to entrust us, when your reservation, your allergies and other small food embarrassments so that we can take care that your evening always remains under the sign of pleasure.


Here, in a few hours, a few days, a few weeks, we are waiting for you in Shabour. Somewhere between Israel and France, for a dinner full of meaning, flavors, emotions and of friendships. Let the journey begin!